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Soulsprite's 21 Day Challenge

This is your commitment to your 'true you', your amazing body, mind, and spirit at it's full potential. We'll guide and coach you all the way, all you need to do is put your name forward, slip on your trainers daily, eat clean using the meal plans and enjoy the life-changing benefits (and perhaps sore muscles along the way)!

Twenty-one consecutive days of studio and online classes (30/45mins each), includes cardio, strength, stretch and mobility, and a bit of well-being motivation in the mix.

All our trainers are qualified and professional healthcare specialists in their field.  Plus, you'll team up with some great 21 day mates to cheer you on!  

Designed for Woman and Men, tailored for a mix of fitness levels.

Next  Intake Dates:  

  • Sunday 20th May 2024. FREE Info Evening is 7 pm, Sunday 20th May (plus initial measurements for participants)

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