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Personal Training

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Casual Sessions

Private Training - 30 mins

Whatever your reason -  to be held accountable, work harder, extra guidance, rehab, sports performance, special event coming up or making a healthier lifestyle choice, our trainers will assess your needs and fitness personality type and design workouts specifically for you.

Includes a privately booked studio so you'll have the trainers complete focus and they'll have yours. Singular/Shared/Family 30-min sessions. Please ask for rates for privately booked group sessions, (friends, workplace, education facilities or special needs). Ages 7 years to adult.

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1, 2, 3 times weekly

Regular Personal Trainer

With limited trainer times and studio availability, you may want to commandeer your coach and studio space for weekly sessions.

Investing in a personal trainer is a wonderful luxury, and why not? Everyone needs a coach, and it goes without saying that a health coach is a valuable investment. 

Regular PTs will help you establish more meaningful connections to your workout, momentum with your fitness goals, and a professional tracking your progress.

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$65 - $195/week

Payment Plan

Doing squat exercise. Confident young pe

3 Sessions

Starter Package

Give yourself a head-start. Learn the ropes of the boxing gym or the TRX suspension trainer, check your post-natal body or pre-class fitness, become confident on a spin bike or swinging a kettle-bell.

Nothing makes our coaches happier than starting you off on the right foot with safe, correct form that will allow you to get outstanding results. 

These 3 x 30 minute sessions are reduced for first time users only and can be booked for kids (7 years up) to adults.

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