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Boutique and functional

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Atrium Studio

Ride - 30/45 mins

Our range of varied group-cycling classes are ideal to get your blood-pumping, reaching new aerobic heights and feeling great at the finish line!


Qualified instructors and market-leading 'body-bikes' will see you riding smoothly with the pack, burning-calories and toning-up fast.


30 Minute Classes include segments of sprinting, climbing, endurance and rest blocks. Our 45 min 'Spin-dual' is a hybrid format, alternating riding with strength and conditioning weight training. 


Cardiovascular, Conditioning


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Loft Studio

T.R.X. - 30 mins

Whether beginning a fitness journey or pushing toward your summit, TRX Training® helps you move better, feel better, and live better. This is strength training using an in-stable suspension strap and gravity loading you can set your own challenge and come away feeling immediate results. Classes are beg - int, adv, elite and 60yrs+.


ALL levels, ALL goals means it's literally for ALL OF YOU: Beginners, Pro Athletes, Runners, Yogis, Cyclists, Cross-Trainers, Combat Athletes, Parents and Grandparents!


Strength, Balance, Core


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Basement Studio

Kick & Box - 45 mins

Check out our ol-skool boxing studio and the most authentic 'kick-arse' workout in town. These circuits are 'rocky' challenging, but suitable for 'rookie' skill levels with progression options.

Martial Arts use every muscle-group, so you can expect full-body benefits for your body composition, energy, stress-levels and sleep! 


Includes hanging-bag work, conditioning drills, basic footwork and mitts and pads combos to keep your mind and body nimble and fighting-fit!


Full-Body, Cardiovascular


Image by Yulissa Tagle


Barre, Pilates, HIIT - 45 mins

Barre Body incorporates Pilates, Yoga and Barre conditioning to help tone, improve posture, strengthen pelvic floor and stimulate an efficient metabolism. Equipment includes a barre, Pilate balls, resistance bands and light hand weights.

Pilates CORE is a Pilates mat class led by qualified physios/rehab specialists to alleviate back pain, or pain related to a weak or imbalanced core.

HIIT Blast (30 mins): consists of short bouts of intense cardio and body-weight exercises followed by active rest blocks, a metabolic workout like no other!


Toning, Posture, Flexibility.



Loft Studio

Kettlebell - 30 mins

This class is as fun as it is challenging!


Kettlebell ballistic exercises combine strength, cardio, and flexibility training. Like all our classes, this one improves functional strength or targets multiple muscle groups that help with everyday tasks and daily life.

Kettlebell exercises offer a wide range of movements that target every muscle group for a total body workout. Train in this class and you'll feel fast results.

Kettlebell Workout

Strength, Conditioning


Free Yoga


Stretch & Yoga - 45 mins

Our Stretch and Mobility is designed to increase blood-flow and energy, decrease pain, and enhance muscle performance and range of motion. 

YOGA Types:

Fire - A mindful, grounding practice to build strength, energy and test your focus and endurance. Finishes with Pranayam. 

Strong - fast-paced asana class targeting cardio and core. Ends in a delicious stress-busting Yognidra.

Power - is a rigorous, calorie-burning form of yoga helping weight loss and tone. Other benefits include releasing toxins and tension from the body.

Flow - is a breath focused slow flow class which will connect the rhythm of your breath with the slow and mindful movement of your body

Nidra is a quiet, inward focused practice. A perfect class to calm your energetic state, cultivate balance, and release tension and stress, settling your nervous system and leaving you feeling refreshed and restored.

Yoga Class

Body balance, mind, lengthen.


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T.R.X and Spin classes

Over 60 years+

T.R.X  - Suspension training is a safe and enjoyable method for improving strength, bone-density, gait, flexibility and balance in mature bodies. Participants report improved mobility and a decline in musculoskeletal pain, (knee, hip, spine).

Spin - Indoor cycling is a great low impact fitness option to elevate your heart- rate long enough to reap many cardiovascular benefits. It produces feel-good endorphins, and stress-busting hormones. All to motivating music, and with a qualified, experienced and empathetic instructor.

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$15 per class



Loft Studio

TRX - Tween/Teen

TRX training for young athletes is not just safe, it's highly encouraged by leading sports coaches and experts. TRX is uniquely beneficial to the tween/teen demographic, it's inclusive of all abilities and fitness levels, progressive and completely versatile. 

The goal of this class is not to lose weight or tone. The goal is to enhance skill. With regular attendance in a skill-based class all bio-motor skills (strength, speed, flexibility and cardio-respiratory) will naturally occur.

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Strength, Core, Flexibility, Mental


Training Session

Basement and Conservatory

Kickboxing/MMA - Youth

Join the Devonport Stingrays! We provide a safe and friendly environment for kids and teens to learn kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA).

MMA has exploded in popularity with Auckland dominating the scene at UFC with NZ world champions. To assist local teens learn more about the sport and discipline, we now offer MMA classes for 11yrs+. Kickboxing classes for 5-6yrs, 7 -10 yrs, 11 - 15 yrs, 16yr+. Classes for kickboxing are non-contact using bags and pads to teach effective striking. Workshops by top martial artists are held for student advancement.

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Self-defence, Confidence, Respect


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